Arch Support Thongs

With up to 2.2cm of orthotic support, Archies Thongs incorporate the same amount of support that you would find from an ‘off the shelf’ orthotic, however with the patented design, they look just like normal thongs. The support found within Archies Footwear may help to support the foot in a more bio-mechanically appropriate position.

The tighter strap, super soft foam and the arch support found within Archies Thongs often enables the user to walk for long distances in the thongs without pain, making them the perfect thongs for travelling where large amounts of walking will be done.




K&Ndles and More

Locally made, hand poured soy wax candles have become a big hit with many patients visiting the clinic. Our massage therapist, Narrell just loves making these beautifully fragrant candles whether it be for a gift or just for yourself.

In the clinic reception you'll find a wide range of jars and scents, but if you don't see the perfect combination - just ask! Narrell is happy to accommodate custom orders, even with a short turn around. Did we mention these candles are all natural, so there's no nasty chemicals when burning just their delightful aroma filling your home.

Check out her Facebook page K&Ndles and More to see more.